Just Eat The Damn Cookie

You guys. It’s been one HELL of a year. One crazy and chaotic-filled year with SO MUCH joy yet of course, there’s been sadness. {because we can’t have a PERFECT year where nothing goes wrong.} Life doesn’t work like that.

Either way, this year is another one to chalk up on the board as “almost complete.” I thought 2016 was nuts but for some reason, life always wants to surprise me and say “hold my beer.”

I’d be perfectly okay with a boring 2018. do you hear me?


So here I am. It’s December 12th and Christmas will be in a few short weeks. None of my kid’s presents are wrapped and I didn’t even start shopping for Ricky. I did, however, get a jump on baking cookies and have consumed well over my desired amount for the year. Because even when life is crappy and things aren’t panning out, there’s always a little thing called baking, or food therapy. Cookies make everything better.

I made time to bake those damn cookies and let me tell you, I enjoyed every single one. In previous years {except for last year because I was pregnant} I would limit myself and worry about every darn calorie I was shoveling in my mouth. This year, HELLO, I have no care. At. ALL. I’m not at a my weight goal yet pre-BABIES- who cares. A cookie or five, or ten, won’t kill me.

Did you hear what I said? I’m telling you to eat the damn cookie.

It’s the Holidays. And while that might be a lame reason to over-indulge, so what. Quit over-analyzing those calories and just eat it. You can burn it off tomorrow. Have balance. Life is too short to worry about how much fat you might gain from holiday eating and drinking. If it makes you happy then just do it, please. Again, you can burn it off tomorrow.

It won’t kill you.

Now I’m not saying to devour a whole two-dozen chocolate chip cookies while washing them down with a bottle of wine. Or, you can do that, who am I to say no? Anyway, just do what makes you HAPPY this Holiday season.

And eat the damn cookie.


And when your pants don’t fit, that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for.

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