7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues with Postpartum Depression

Hey there, mama. Chances are, it’s cold (or getting cold) wherever you may be in the world; perhaps you like the change of the season, or perhaps you don’t (I’ve always been partial to fall and winter). While the falling leaves and snow can be pretty, the novelity only lasts so long…because when we’re four months in and there’s no end in sight of gloomy days, it can put us in a slump.

The winter blues (and for some it can be seasonal depression) can literally be the pits. Seriously. When the clocks turn back and it’s dark outside for more hours than the sun is up, that is freaking depressing. I hate it. And having postpartum depression sure doesn’t make it any better.

It’s proven that when fall time rolls around, people can get into major slumps. And that’s expected. The days are shorter, the weather gets a lot cooler, and with the holiday season approaching, it can make depression deepen.



I can remember last winter: when I was at the worst of my postpartum depression. I felt so lonely and isolated. The days were so gloomy here in Germany…where spotting the sun was such a rare occurrence. I wondered how I would survive the winter with feeling so depressed.

Somehow, I got through that ever gloomy fall, winter, and spring (it was a very rainy year) and since the winter time will be approaching, I want to share some of the things that helped me battle the winter blues last year.



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1. Stay on a routine.

Staying on a routine can keep you busy and focused on life. This rings so true for me– if my routine is out of whack, my mood can be severely affected.

A few ways I like to incorporate a routine into my lifestyle is:

*create monthly, weekly, and daily to-do lists to keep you organized,

*set monthly goals to keep you focused,

*wake up a little earlier (before the kids) and have some time for yourself– workout, coffee, shower,

*invest in a kick-ass planner to help keep your life on track– this planner is perfect for every mom.




2. Take daily vitamins and supplements.

Not just in the winter time (but every season) is it important to consume daily vitamins and supplements. When the weather begins to change– hello cold and flu season— it’s crucial to supply your body with the proper vitamins. Not only can vitamins help keep your body healthy, but also your mind.

A few recommended vitamins and supplements to have on-hand during the winter:

Vitamin D

A lack of Vitamin D can result in: depression, fatigue, muscle pain, and getting sick often. During the winter months, include 1 dose of Vitamin D with every meal.


Elderberry syrup

A daily dose of elderberry syrup can prevent sickness and promote a healthy well-being during the winter months.

Check out my past blog post on elderberry gummies (syrup recipe also included).



SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) is a naturally occurring chemical component present in all cells of the body. SAMe appears to be an effective treatment for depression and may be used in conjunction with antidepressants.


Natrol 5-HTP mood and stress

Helps promotes a positive mood and can be used in conjunction with antidepressants.



3. Get outside

Yes, even when it’s cold and drab outside, you should still get outdoors; bundle up in layers and go for a walk! The fresh air can really do wonders.

I make it a daily habit to get outside with my kids– we dress up in the warmest clothes and just get out. It can be a simple walk to the park or even sitting in the backyard for a couple of mintues. It helps so much.



4. Invest in a hobby

Investing in a hobby can make the winter slumps a bit bearable while giving your mind something to stay on track with. Need some ideas? Here are a few… you can:

*take up knitting


*writing (my personal favorite)

*refurbish old furniture

*learn to play an instrument

*start a new workout regimen


*arts and crafts




5. Stay busy with friends

Another great way to help beat off the winter blues is to make plans with a friend. Go out for coffee. Meet for brunch. Go shopping or to see a movie. Have a game night with some wine. Just talking to a friend can make you feel so much better!




6. Soak in an epsom salt bath

If you know me, you know how I love my epsom salt baths. No joke, I take an epsom salt bath at least once a week…and I try to take more during the winter months.

It turns out that soaking in a warm, epsom salt bath has sooooo many benefits (and yes, I am going to list them right now)

*relaxes the body and mind

*soothes sore muscles

*detoxifies the body

*uplifts your mood

*improves circulation

*promotes a restful sleep

I always reccomend the Dr. Teal’s brand of epsom salt- looooove it!


7. Exercise

Of course, I can’t leve out exercise on this list. Why? Because exercise is really so good for your mind…I exercise mainly for my mental health (and I get rather cranky when I skip a couple of days.)

When it’s too cold to leave the house for a run and gym fees are a thing you can’t afford, Daily Burn and YouTube offer at-home workouts that can be done right in the comfort of your home.




How do you beat the winter blues? I would love to hear about it. Reply back with a comment!





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