A postpartum depression warrior, I began Excuse the Mess to help spread awareness about PPD and mental health. I wanted to help other mamas find comfort in the darkness, and know that they’re not alone in this. Since then, I’ve created a afes platform for mamas to come where they can gather the sources they need for suriving postpartum depression. I’ve also offered a safe platform for mamas to tell their very own story. Do you have a story you want to share– struggles with postpartum depression//anxiety, birth, breastfeeding, birth trauma– I want to here about it.

A little about me.

I’m a sweary millenial mom that realized motherhood isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I like to describe my parenting styles as a free-range type thing– they will eat food off the floor, cereal for dinner, and memorize the lines from nearly every cartoon theme-song– but they are very well-loved and taken care of. Hopefully, I don’t screw them up too much.

Motherhood has made me into a crazy-lady and from that, I’ve been able to channel that energy into my writing. I share my struggles with motherhood because it’s therapeutic and because, hopefully, some other mom out there will read it and sigh with exclamation because she gets it.

In my spare time, I’m a mom and wife. I’m a boy mom and I guess you can say that nothing can scare me; they are 18-months apart and life is never boring. I’m also a fur mama to my girls, Mona and Robin.

When I’m not writing or tending to my circus, I enjoy being outdoors in my garden or hiking. I would never turn down a bath and I looooove adult conversation over some coffee. I’m a book nerd and I will attempt to do anything craft-y…with a glass of wine.

Besides running Excuse the Mess, I’m a staff writer at For Every Mom, and have been featured through various platforms such as Scary Mommy, BLUNT Moms, Imperfectly Perfect Mam… to name a few. I’m also the author of YOUR PENIS WILL FALL OFF! and other sh*t I’ve said to my kids. You should read it. It’s sort of funny.


(maybe) some interesting facts about me:

*prison and crime shows are my guilty pleasure

*i put heavy cream in my coffee

*dry, red wine is my favorite

*i get along better with people older than me

*i love oldies rock/ Tom Petty <3

*one of my favorite movies is silver linings playbook

*i ran a 10k and a half-marathon in two days when i was 24 weeks pregnant

*Germany isn’t the first country I lived in– Okinawa, Japan in my early 20’s