Getting Through the Holidays When you Live Away from Family

As some of you know, I currently live in Germany with my family. I say currently because my husband works for the military and that means our home of address is changing at least every three years. While living in Germany is absolutely amazing and I feel very thankful to have this opportunity, it can be hard around the holidays.



The holiday time is for spreading cheer and spending time with family and close friends…so what do you do when you live so far and your family isn’t near?


Does the idea of celebrating Christmas this year make you feel blue?



This isn’t my first rodeo away from family– I moved away from my home state when I was two months shy of 21. I lived away from family for many Thanksgivings, Christmases, and other holidays (three of those years living in Japan) but it’s a bit different when you have children. Now that I have kids of my own, I want them to be around family more than ever, and since Germany isn’t exactly an easy trip, it’s hard for that to happen.


Is this your first holiday away from family? 


 I would like to share with you some ways to help ease the holiday blues and to celebrate the season while living away from family. It is possible to enjoy your time this holiday season and to make the very best of it.




1. Continue on with traditions

Getting Through the Holidays When you Live Away from Family

I love Christmas traditions. They can make us feel nostaglic from when we were little kids, and can bring back a flood-gate of memories of our parents or grandparents.

I look forward to continuing some traditions that I did when I was a child– and to create new ones with my sons. Some of my favorite traditions are: baking cookies, making orgnaments, watching Christmas movies, and unwrapping one present on Christmas Eve.

If you’ve never done any traditions, now is the best time to start your own!


2. Spend time with friends

Getting Through the Holidays When you Live Away from Family

When you live away from family and especially if you are in a military community, your friends become more like family. You understand each-other’s situations and bond faster.

Celebrate the season by gathering around with friends and create memories to last a lifetime.


3. Watch movies that remind you of family

Getting Through the Holidays When you Live Away from Family

Kick-back and enjoy some Christmas movies.

I love turning on old Christmas movies like Christmas Vacation and Home Alone because those movies remind me of Christmas-time when I was a kid.




4. Look through old photos

Getting Through the Holidays When you Live Away from Family

Break out the photo albums of your family; looking at old photos can be such a nice way to reminisce and think about family.


5. Video chat

Getting Through the Holidays When you Live Away from Family

Take advantage of technology and video chat with your family. Set up the time to video chat when everyone is around for dinner or another big get-together.


6. Do something out of the house

Getting Through the Holidays When you Live Away from Family

When we lived in Japan, we spent every Christmas or Christmas Eve ice-skating. It was a great way to get out of the house and do something different on the holiday. I still remember those Christmases and I cherish that time I had together with just my husband and I.


7. Spend the holiday traveling

If you live very far away from family, now is a great time to travel during the holidays; see this as an opportunity to spend Christmas in Paris or New Year’s Eve in Ireland.


8. Volunteer

If you don’t want to spend the holidays alone, how about volunteering? There are various channels where you can donate your time to this holiday season. Just a few of those are: soup kitchen, salvation army, ASPCA, Fisher house, and post office.

Volunteering can get you out of the house to help others and give back to your community.


That was 8 ways to get through the holiday season when you live away from family. If you found them helpful, please comment and share.



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Surviving the Holidays After you Lost a Child

Growing up, Christmas time was always my favorite time of year. I always looked forward to the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday shortly after). I always looked forward to spending time with my family. When my husband and I got pregnant with our first son Nathan, Christmas time was perfect. The first time I felt Nathan kick was on Christmas Eve. I was so excited and said it was an early Christmas present from my sweet baby boy.

What made the holiday even more special that year was that my brother and sister-in-law were also expecting their first child and due a couple months before us. Everyone in our family was excited as we imagined what it would be like the next year having two boys close in age celebrating their first Christmas together. They were going to be best friends. My nephew was born a few months later. Ten weeks after, Nathan was born. He aspirated meconium when he was born and passed away three days later. Our family and friends were all blindsided by the news that our sweet baby boy would not be coming home with us. My family was having a hard time balancing grief and joy. We were all thankful to have my nephew Earthside but heartbroken that Nathan was gone.

We buried Nathan in my hometown a few states away so it was hard being away from him physically but also hard to go home and visit so we didn’t for a while. Even though I did my best to be strong, Halloween came along and my grief hit me hard. My son wasn’t dressed up as anything for his first Halloween. I watched my family celebrate as my nephew experienced his first holidays. I watched all the moms in my due date group plan the holidays and talk about gift ideas for their children. It was a wake-up call that the life that I had imagined for years wasn’t going to happen the way I had expected. I wanted nothing to do with my favorite time of year. I couldn’t listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies. Commercials with family get-togethers broke my heart. My heart hurt to go shopping in the store and see families shopping with their living children. My husband and I decided to stay home that year. It was what our hearts needed at the time.

We are approaching our 4th Christmas without Nathan. My grief still exists. It will never go away. We have been blessed with two children since Nathan passed away so we are celebrating the holidays and remembering Nathan at the same time. It’s a bittersweet journey. They help heal my heart in so many ways but I will always wonder what life would be like if Nathan was here with us too. We are going to spend the holidays with family this year and will be spending time with my nephew. We may not get to see him interact with Nathan but he talks about him often. It also warms my heart to see all of the cousins play with each other.

I know there are so many families that are struggling this holiday season. If you are new to this journey and find yourself struggling, you are not alone. I wanted to share some thoughts and ideas that helped me, especially that first year.


1. Acknowledge that the upcoming holidays may be hard emotionally.

Everyone grieves differently. Some people find the days leading up to the holidays are harder than the actual day itself. I am usually one of these people.


2. Set realistic expectations for yourself and be gentle with your heart.

If you don’t feel like attending certain celebrations that’s ok. Maybe you don’t feel like sending cards or decorating a tree. It’s understandable if you don’t feel like it but it’s also ok if you do. Just make sure you are doing what YOU want to do.


3. Find ways to remember your baby.

There are so many things you can do to help make memories that still include them. Some suggestions are:

* Buy an ornament for your tree with your babies name on it or something else that reminds you of them. 

*Buy a Christmas gift for a child from the angel tree.

*Hang a stocking and invite friends and family to send your baby cards or letters.

*Put the cards in their stocking and open them on Christmas.

* Take a framed picture or a stuffed animal and have Santa pose for a picture.

* Do random acts of kindness.

* Donate to a charity in your child’s memory.

* Light a remembrance candle.



4. Talk about your child.

Share memories you have of them. Talking about them helps keep their memory alive.


5. Surround yourself with people that love and support you.

Sometimes people can get uncomfortable with your grief and can say things that hinder your progress, even if it’s well-meaning on their end. If there are people that are pushing you to “move on” or “get over it”, remember there is nothing wrong with the way you are grieving. This journey is yours and yours alone. There are people out there who will love and support you. Those people are amazing.


6. Take care of yourself.

Not only is grief hard on you emotionally but it’s hard physically and spiritually as well. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and eating properly. Try to exercise. It helps relieve stress. I took A LOT of walks to help clear my head. In fact, I set a goal to walk the distance it would take to reach my son by Christmas since we didn’t go home to visit. I walked over 750 miles over a few months. I was able to walk and gather my thoughts and I felt like it helped me relieve my stress.


7. It’s ok to ask for help. 

If you find yourself struggling with daily tasks it’s ok to ask someone to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone. A friend or family member may help you out around the house. It’s also ok to meet with a grief counselor.



Remember that most people eventually enjoy the holidays again. That may seem like an impossible thought, especially if this is your first year. You will never get over it, but things do get better with time.




This was a guest post written by a strong warrior mama, Megan.



Megan is currently a stay at home mom with three children (a son who would be 3 1/2 but is forever 3 days old, a 2 year old daughter, and a 5 month old son) and two yorkies. After her first born son passed away in 2015 she is passionate about sharing his story and reaching out to other bereaved parents. She loves walking and spending time outdoors with her family. She also loves watching hockey and is a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan.



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9 Gift Ideas to Buy for a Mama with PPA

*disclaimer: this post contains Amazon affiliate links; to read our disclaimer, please go here.

We are smack-dab in the middle of December now…have you started your holiday shopping yet? Maybe you are scratching your head on what to gift your BFF, girlfriend, or wife that is struggling with postpartum anxiety. Don’t worry, I have you covered. I reached out to a fellow mama friend that is going through her very own PPA struggle; I wanted to get her input on what she would enjoy getting as a gift this year.


The result? She gave me some kick-ass ideas and I just have to share them with you.


Read about managing your postpartum anxiety this holiday season.



The holidays are already stressful. Add in having PPA, and it can be kicked up a few notches. Before I give my gift ideas, personally, I’d suggest skipping any gifts centered around birth and/or motherhood. That person is already living the life of motherhood and you never know what someone’s birth experience was like. So gifts that you may think are funny or well meaning that have those subjects can sometimes be more anxiety provoking, which leads me to saying, keep it fun and relaxing.




1. Light-hearted or funny movies/tv shows

9 Gift Ideas to Buy for a Mama with PPA

Humor is such a powerful stress reliever…laughing is so good for you! Buy your pal a funny movie or tv series off Amazon or be super-awesome and get her a Netflix subscription.

If neither of those options sound like your cup of tea, how about a gift card to the movies? You can purchase movie theater gift cards right through Amazon Regal, AMC, and Fandango are the most popular. (see your area of residence for where you can use certain gift cards)





2. Massages

9 Gift Ideas to Buy for a Mama with PPA

Massages are another tremendous stress reliever and are a great way to help your sore muscles.

Check out Groupon for deals on massage certificates in your area.


3. Makeup, perfume, hair products

It’s about being able to pamper yourself at home not just once, but whenever you need to recharge.

Some specific ideas include: dry shampoo, amazing smelling perfume, and a nude lipstick.





4. Audio books

9 Gift Ideas to Buy for a Mama with PPA

Since time is such a restraint when we are mothers, audio books are an excellent way to give someone a book– turn it on in the car, toss on your headphones and listen at the gym or in bed, and so forth.

There are several ways to purchase audio books, some of these include:

iTunes, Audiobooks, Google play books, and Amazon audibles.


  5. Journals/diaries

Jazz it up with some pens and cards, toss in an adult coloring book, and you’ve got yourself a nice gift basket of items!




6. Beverage gift basket of coffee, tea, water, or soda

There are many ways you can do this– create your own care basket with purchased beverages or have one personally delivered to that special mama in your life.

Check out these awesome, already made gift baskets for that special mama in your life:


Skip the alcohol, although a favorite to give, unless you know the person extremely well, it’s best to skip it for many reasons.


Read more about how to eat & drink for a healthy mind and body this holiday season.


7. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are becoming the hot new trend for reducing anxiety and improving sleep (among many more benefits).

What exactly is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is a very heavy blanket (around 15 pounds or so) that has a calming effect when used. The theory is that a weighted blanket helps to stimulate deep pressure touch that uses firm, hands-on pressure to reduce anxiety.

A weighted blanket can be excellent for a mom with serious PPA that desperately needs to relax.


8. Oil diffuser/essential oils

I am now an essential oily mama. It’s true. I totally believe in the magic of oils. And I think that you should, too.

Perhaps my favorite way to use my oils is to diffuse them in my home. Not only is using my diffuser a much safer (and less toxic) way to leave my home smelling nice, but my family and I can benefit from the oils.

There are sooo many oils out there that are excellent for anxiety; a few of those oils are:

lavender, orange, bergamot, chamomile, vetiver, and ylang-ylang.

*Read here for more oils that can be used to calm anxiety.

9. Subscription for meditation

9 Gift Ideas to Buy for a Mama with PPA

Meditation is great for relaxing the mind and managing stress and anxiety and can help a mama who suffers with PPA. There is an app for meditation called Headspace…and it’s amazing. Headspace is a guided program that fits into a busy mama’s lifestyle, with daily reminders to practice and also mindful moments of positive messages throughout the day.

Headspace does offer a free program, however, a subscription is also available for more features.

*Visit here to check out what Headspace subscription has to offer.

Headspace is offering a 40% discount for the year 2019. Great deal!!


Those were 9 gift ideas to buy for a mama with postpartum anxiety ~ what did you enjoy most about the list? Would you like to add something? Reply back with a comment. <3

Happy Holidays!


This post was co-written by my dear friend, Laura P.

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I Hope I Don’t Crush Their Spirit

I never thought I would be the angry mom.

I never thought I would become annoyed at the tiny things. Or impatient.

But I am. And it eats me up inside.

When I silently wish for them to hurry up with a task; when I unknowingly hurry them along with a story; when my voice sounds irrated because it’s the seventh-million time I heard “mom” in one day. I’m tired, I’m spent, I’m mentally, emotionally, physcially DRAINED. But it’s not their fault.

It’s not their fault and that makes it even worse.

I know I do it– I’m portraying annoyance and frustration. It’s all over my face. You can hear it in my voice. And as soon as it’s over, I pray to god that I don’t crush their spirit. I pray to god they walk away from my imperfections unscathed.

It’s so hard. It’s so SO hard. Mothering. Motherhood. Keeping these children alive, fed, busy, and all the in-between and behind-the-scene stuff that nobody, besides you, gets to see. The shit that people pretend doesn’t happen and nobody wants to deal with. The baby has a dirty diaper, the toddler is melting down over a candybar, the teen is having an attitude over nothing.

I often replay things that I say to my children and I want to cry. I realize how harsh I can come off or how I shouldn’t have lost my cool so easily. How can I do it differently next time? And I just hope I don’t crush their spirit…

Perhaps I’m being hard on myself; most of the time, as mothers, we are our own worse enemies. It’s true. I can never be the perfect mother or the calmest mother and I yell more than I should but, you know what?

I love them like nobody in this world can love them. Because I’m their mother. Despite imperfections, I try like hell to be the mother that they deserve.

Do I fall short? Hell yes. Most days, actually.

Is that normal? Hell yes. We are only human. Even mothers. As strong as we are, we are so imperfect. Which makes us perfect in our own way.



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Incorporating Self-Care During the Holidays

The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of theeee year! And yet at the same time, it can be the most stressful. We try to enjoy the holiday season, but somehow, we also (feel like we need to) beat the rat race of catching up with all of our holiday tasks and we are left feeling tired (and stressed!) pssst, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed and maxed-out this year.




Do the holidays stress you out? How do you handle the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?

It may be hard, but you should still practice self-care during the holiday season. I know– it can be a bit hard to manage time for yourself when you are thinking about everyone else and possibly spending the month of December traveling– but making the time for yourself is easier once you make it a priority.


Let’s talk about how to make yourself a priority and how to incorporate self-care during the holiday season.

Can I ask you a question, mama? Does your routine go right out the window once the holiday season begins to approach? If you’re anything like me, well, my routine can get a bit lopsided with all the yummy foods and traveling that tend to occur around that special time of year.

I want you to live your best life this holiday season by incorporating more self-care into your daily life. It is possible!



Incorporating Self-Care During the Holidays




Incorporating Self-Care During the Holidays

Drink your h20… it’s crucial in feeling (and looking) your best. And it’s possibly the easiest thing you can do to incorporate self-care.


Work out

Incorporating Self-Care During the Holidays

Take a walk, go for a hike, practice some yoga, or stick to your gym regimen; whatever it is, you will be taking care of your body & mind, which may be the best self-care of all.

And perhaps a reason to eat one or two extra Christmas cookies.


Take a bath

Incorporating Self-Care During the Holidays

Perhaps one of my all-time favorite self-care things to do: taking a hot bath!

Soaking in a bath for just thirty-minutes is jam-packed with tons of health benefits…for your body and your mind.


Put on music and zone out

incorporating self-care during the holidays

Music makes me feel happy and it’s a good way to release stress. Crank up some of your fav tunes and zone out for a bit. Give your mind the needed break!



Incorporating Self-Care During the Holidays

Meditiation may sound intimidating, but it’s amazing for the mind– for de-stressing, relaxing, and just being mindful, meditation is a great self-care tool.

I recently found an awesome meditation app called Headspace.

You guys, I think I’m hooked on this neat little app. I am super new to meditation (never could stick with it) but Headspace makes it easy to start off with short, three-mintue sessions

Put on hand lotion

Yesss…a little weird? Hear me out!

My hands are always so so dry in the winter (to the point where I start to pick at the dry skin by my fingers, ouch!) I need to make it a point to constantly smother my hands with lotion because let’s be honest, who really wants their hands to feel dry and scaly. Not this girl.

Pick up some hand lotion and get to pampering…preferably some lotion that smells nice and can leave your hands feeling super-soft.


Keep up with appointments

I know that this time of year is filled with so much craziness, but it’s not the time to skip out on appointments. Keeping up with your appointments is so important– whether for your mental health or physical health, make it a priority and just go.


Splurge on yourself

Whether it’s a new dress, a pair of earrings, or even a trip to paradise, splurge on yourself this year. Just do it! You’re worth it and you can use a spa-day, anyway.


Self-care is doable this holiday season, so mama, give yourself the BEST gift this year and make yourself a priority.








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