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How to Get Online Help for Postpartum Depression

It’s easy to put off getting treatment for postpartum depression or anxiety when your a busy mom but unfortunately, having no time isn’t the only reason for not seeking treatment. One huge reason may be that moms don’t know where to even go or to talk to for help. And if you do find someone …

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The Truth About Postpartum Anxiety and How to Cope

            I’m going to be honest with you right now. My life dramatically changed after having babies. I know, huge shocker, right? But no, really. It did. In more ways than one. If you’ve read my story about my struggle with postpartum depression, then you know my struggle there; but …

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I Am 1 in 5: The Truth Behind Postpartum Depression And Anxiety {Cara’s story}

Cara’s Story {previously featured on A Purpose Driven Mom}     I was sitting in my therapist office one day and we were talking about guilt and shame and why I always feel like if something goes wrong, it’s automatically my fault. “Well, that’s the depression talking”, she said so calmly. Wow. We had talked …