The girl behind the mess

Hey there. I’m so glad that you’re here…and that you’re even interested in knowing who I am. ’cause really, these about me things suck, agree?

I’ll keep it short and sweet…and spare you the boring details of my life. Just the nitty-gritty. (yes, I said nitty-gritty. I’m 28 but I’m a grandma at heart.)




I’m a sweary millennia mom, living in Germany, with two boys under three. I stay at home with them in an attempt to save money on day-care. I’ve been married for nearly 8 years (so 40 years in marriage time) and it’s a miracle that we haven’t murdered one another yet (there’s still time).

I’ve always liked to write, but really found it as my outlet after my second son was born and we made the big move to Germany. I was suffering from postpartum depression/anxiety and I felt lost.

I created this little ‘ol blog here in an attempt to pour my feelings into the sometimes very-sucky life of being a stay-at-home mom and also, to spread awareness about PPD. I wanted other moms to know that they’re not alone. And it’s totally okay to not love this mom-thing 24/7. 

Other than chasing two toddlers all day and keeping them alive, I enjoy anything that has to do with being outside. I’m a geek when it comes to my garden and yes, I talk to my flowers. I will never pass down a hot bath or a warm cup of coffee. My favorite past-time is probably forgetting where I put EVERYTHING and trying to figure out where the last ten years of my life went.




Perhaps some interesting facts about me:

*prison and crime shows are my guilty pleasure.

* i put heavy cream in my coffee.

*dry, red wine is my favorite but i don’t discriminate.

*i get along better with older women.

*i love oldies rock.

*one of my favorite movies is silver linings playbook. because of the spotlight on mental health.

*i ran a 10k and a half-marathon in two days when i was 24 weeks pregnant.

*Germany isn’t the first country I lived in– Okinawa, Japan in my early 20’s.



I talk about PPD/PPA a lot on my blog, so I wanted to share some really great resources with my readers.