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Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog. This blog is filled with nothing but the cold-hard truth on being a mother– raw stories of life, love, loss, struggles and mental illness….as well as some laughs along the way!

I struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety. I hope to reach out to other mommas that may be going through what I am. I felt so alone for the first few months after my youngest was born. My family moved to another country and I had no other mom friends to relate to. This blog was my ultimate saving grace and since then, writing turned into a passion of mine.




I’ve been married for 7 years and I’m a momma to two wild and fun-loving little boys. They are 2.5 & 1. I also have two fur-babies- a cat Ramona and a dog Robin. We have lived in Germany since Sept. 2017 and it’s been a crazy experience. I’m originally from Northeast PA where the pizza and beer are top-notch.

In my free time (what’s that?) I love to be outside in my garden, biking or catching up on some Netflix. I love crime shows and 80’s music. I will never pass down a hot bath or a warm cup of coffee. I may be addicted to diet coke and my favorite past-time is forgetting where I put my keys.





My struggle with depression & anxiety…the never-ending journey.

I had depression in the past but I really suffered after my youngest was born and life just became a constant battle. I would plaster a smile on my face to get through my day but inside I was suffering.

I felt lonely, scared, isolated, extreme sadness, rage and anger. I had no idea at the time but my fits of rage and short patience was because of my depression & anxiety. I was becoming someone I didn’t even know…..lost and just not happy with life. I knew that SOMETHING had to change because my family AS WELL AS MYSELF deserved to be happy!

Since then, I became more aware of mental health and an advocate for moms that are struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. I want to reach out to every mom that’s ever had self-doubt, hate, sadness or guilt and give her the reassurance that she’s not alone.  





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