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It Wasn’t All Darkness: How a Strong Mama Coped with PPA After Her Loss

*disclaimer: this post may contain a trigger warning due to child loss.   When I think of a strong mama, I think of a fearless, determined, selfless, and brave women that has been through hell and back…but has the persistence to keep moving forward. I interviewed Megan– a mama I’ve come to know through the …

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Amanda’s Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Story

Amanda’s story {previously featured on Legally Mommy}         I never wanted to be a Mother. I never fantasized about baby names, or nursery décor. I didn’t swoon over infants. In fact, I was terrified of them (and still am). I had grown up, an only child, in an alcoholic and abusive home. …

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I Am 1 in 5: The Truth Behind Postpartum Depression And Anxiety {Cara’s story}

Cara’s Story {previously featured on A Purpose Driven Mom}     I was sitting in my therapist office one day and we were talking about guilt and shame and why I always feel like if something goes wrong, it’s automatically my fault. “Well, that’s the depression talking”, she said so calmly. Wow. We had talked …